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Roberts Collision Center - We Are Green

  • Safety for our employees and the environment remain a top priority at Roberts Collision Center

    As we continue our efforts to reduce pollution and energy consumption with our environmentally safe practices. In addition to using fast drying paints to reduce energy consumption, we also use infra-red/UV-B lights to cure paint and shorten the duration of the spray booths bake cycles.

    We prefer dry sanding because it does not introduce an additional waste stream which eliminates contamination of water, and also saves hundreds of gallons of water per year.

    All cardboard, sheet metal, and plastic bumper body parts are recycled.

    Excess paint and thinner is always recycled.

    Residue is washed off with a water-based gun cleaner to eliminate fumes and eliminate solvent-based thinner use.

    Painters wear hooded fresh-air paint masks that constantly supplies fresh outside air to the painter. Painters also wear a full body paint suit to avoid skin absorption of toxins as well as impermeable gloves to prevent solvents and other irritants from coming in contact with the skin.

    Goggles and safety glasses are worn by all painters and technicians.

    All associates are trained to focus on health and safety procedures on a daily basis to ensure an accident-free work environment.

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